So as the question suggested I want to try different versions of Linux on my pi-4 but not sure if I should use Ubuntu MATE or Linux Mint on the pi-4. In addition I having a hard time finding images of either of them for the pi-4. Any links would be appreciated.

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    Is there a specific reason you are not going with raspbian? – Dr_Bunsen Oct 16 '19 at 14:39
  • I do use raspbian but want to try out other flavors of linux. ie either Ubuntu or lime – DoctorTnT Oct 16 '19 at 15:26
  • Why not try them both? It’s pretty easy. Best way to decide what’s best for your use is to try them both. – bls Jan 22 at 1:42

Even the 4GB Pi 4 Model B uses an ARM based chipset (CPU) which (to my knowledge) Linux Mint doesn't support (and I believe that includes Ubuntu, considering they're both closely related).

I don't know if it has to do with the Kernel or the desktop environment. I honestly THOUGHT the last Kernel update included ARM support, but ... However, (at least at the time of this entry) you do have nearly a dozen (all Debian based?) alternatives (at least ONE of which might be versatile enough to customize an allllmost Ubuntu or Mint-like feel). Best you can do for now... [Shrugs] Either that, or you could pick up a used laptop (or even an older quad core DESKTOP, if you don't need the mobility) for around the same price as a Pi 4 after a cooler and case, etc and Mint/Ubuntu would likely run fine, of course.

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    Linux has been supporting ARM processors for ten or fifteen years now. Canonical has never really cared to support Ubuntu Desktop on any Raspberry, but they did not actively stop the community from making ports. – flakeshake Nov 9 '19 at 13:07
  • Oh. Then I stand corrected. Why then, does Linux Mint run so terribly (if at all) on the Pi 4? I mean, I haven't tried it firsthand, but I've heard horror stories... – Darth Vader Nov 10 '19 at 17:39

Year 2020. Ubuntu actual 64-bit OS, not like the raspbian, which is still only 32 bit. Download the server then you have three desktops you can choose to use in GUI. https://ubuntu.com/download/raspberry-pi

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