I'm prototyping a device using a raspberry pi 3b+. Here are some of the requirements I'm hoping to fulfill.

*When I say "device" I'm referring to the raspberry pi.

network diagram

Device Requirements

  • Stream device microphone audio input over network
    • utilize echo cancellation
    • simultaneously stream while playing local audio on device
  • Control the output of audio files on local device
    • Controls: choose from static list of files, play, pause, volume, etc
  • Output audio from remote sources over network, which would temporarily pause any other output
  • no internet connection required
  • user can connect to multiple devices
  • device can handle multiple users connected to it

Here is a list of frameworks I am considering in no particular order:

  • PulseAudio
  • uv4l
  • rest api
  • web sockets (Mqtt, WebRTC)
  • webrtc
  • RTSP

WebRTC seems like a good solution for the bi-directional audio streaming, but I can't determine if whatever I use for that will cooperate with the device's ability to playback local audio files. If not, I could probably find some minimal audio library controller api that I could tap in to.

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