I have installed the NOOBS files per instructions. When I start up, I get stuck on the coloured screen. The troubleshooting guide indicates this is due to missing/corrupt kernel.img. Where should I get this file from - it is not part of the NOOBS download (unless I'm missing something stupid).

  • Question. Is the MD5 of the NOOBS zip good? Sometimes a download hiccups and the file gets slightly corrupted. Not enough to cause a problem when you unzip the file, but enough to cause a problem like what you're saying. Nov 1, 2013 at 13:54

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It is part of the NOOBS download - assuming you're using Raspbian or one of the other OSs in the NOOBS package. The installation process will place it in /boot/kernel.img.

I would try the installation again, either on a fresh SD card or reformat the one that failed. It sounds as though it simply corrupted in some way.

Check that the card is large enough to hold it - minimum of 4Gb and I wouldn't use anything slower than a class 4.


In my case, I had to add "boot_delay=1" to the config.txt file.

This is also suggested on the troubleshooting guide, but the first time I did this, I created a file called config.txt.txt

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