In the /boot directory I've found the following kernel files:

  • kernel.img: Kernel For ARMv6 - rpi 1 and rpi zero
  • kernel7.img: Kernel For ARMv7 - rpi 2 & 3
  • kernel7l.img: Used In rpi 4 but I don't know.
  • kernel8.img: I don't know.

Does anyone know what kernel7l.img and kernel8.img are used for?

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  • kernel.img is 32-bit for BCM2835 (RPi1 & Zero)
  • kernel7.img is 32-bit for BCM2836 (RPi2) and BCM2837 (RPi3)
  • kernel7l.img is 32-bit for BCM2711 (RPi4)
  • kernel8.img is 64-bit for BCM2837 (RPi3) or BCM2711 (RPi4)

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