TLDR: My pi will randomly not boot and need to be reflashed fresh, thus losing my setup.

Hey Guys!. So i have a raspi 3 that i have been able to flash the OS to. I'm typing this on my pi3 now actually.

So I use this primarily as my programming cpu. I can VNC or ssh in while im learning python. I hate windows for programming but need to keep it, and would rather not dual boot.

My problem is: Randomly, the OS won't boot and i have to reflash, losing everything. Is this normal? Anything i can do to protect from that? Maybe create a new user with less permissions?

I don't do anything too crazy. Mostly Git stuff and programming.

Any advice is welcome.

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    I agree with joan's comments BUT "thus losing my setup" - why don't you make a backup? – Milliways Oct 19 at 22:49

Hard to see how we can help.

You need to find out why it will not boot. Perhaps look at this boot sticky.

If you are only using standard Raspbian software from the Raspbian repositories you should not have problems. If that's the case that indicates a dodgy SD card. Buy a new one from a reputable supplier.

If you are downloading software from other sources then stop doing so until you have ruled out that software as the likely problem.

  • So I'm able to boot a clean flash. And as I do work or apt-get, it'll randomly just not boot anymore. I've tried different cards and USBs. All from reputable. Even tried on the 3 different Pi's I own. I'm not the greatest at Linux yet, maybe that's my issue – rathor1622 Oct 19 at 23:49
  • Also, I never thought to backup my pi. I have no idea why. – rathor1622 Oct 20 at 1:01
  • Dodgy USB cable. Have you worked through the boot sticky and checked every point? – joan Oct 20 at 7:39
  • And you do a clean shutdown sudo poweroff before you power off your Raspberry Pi? – MatsK Oct 20 at 11:06
  • Yes, i did go through the sticky. I don't use a cable. I just plug the USB directly into the PI. I've downloaded the Deja-Dup and going to backup to a thumbdrive going forward. – rathor1622 Oct 21 at 17:44

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