I have one sd card more than 8 GB, which i was using in a pi3. Want to format the card and copy kodi image in it. Did below steps

  1. Formatted the SD card using a windows os format feature. (I can see few partitions and formatted all partitions)
  2. Installed software from https://libreelec.tv/downloads/ and copied kodi image to the SD card.
  3. Inserted and turned on my pi, nothing happens.
  4. Only power light blinks, and no green light.
  5. Based on reading and analysis, it seems sd card is not reading.

How can I format the SD card properly using windows os, to copy kodi image. Can anyone help.

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    Exactly which file did you download and how did you 'copy' the downloaded file to the SD card? – Dirk Oct 20 '19 at 19:20
  • Downloaded using, LibreELEC USB-SD Creator software. Selected pi 2 or 3 from the drop down and downloaded the image suggested by the creator software. I have used one SD which already have noobs, and I formatted it using Windows os. Also I can see 3 partitions in that SD card, will that be an issue? – jikku Oct 25 '19 at 17:38

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