I want to headless config my RPi Zero W with Raspbian Buster as an ethernet gadget on Windows 7 PC.

So I installed RNDIS from Microsoft Corporation, I added modules-load=dwc2,g_ether ip= in cmdline.txt (after rootwait), I added dtoverlay=dwc2 to config.txt (including newline), I created empty ssh file and I set ip to on my PC to which I want to get the Pi Zero as ethernet gadget working. I use the data microUSB connector to connect to PC.

The Zero flashes the green LED while booting, but then nothing happens: the adapter shows "unknown network", I can't ping I tested the Zero with monitor and keyboard and it works well, but after I add dwc2 overlay, test the unsuccessfull boot and remove the dwc2 overlay (from cmdline.txt and config.txt), it doesn't light up the monitor anymore.

So the question is: what am I doing wrong and how can I debug it? I have Linux PC at hand, but the goal is to config and use the Zero purely on Windows 7.

I followed this and this (except I don't plan to install Bonjour, I can scan IP's if necessary), what else should I try to find the source of the problem?

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