So basically I couldn't find an answer to this directly. But can a Pi 4 blu ray play blu ray rips(from my own blu rays) without issues? With the pi 3 and older, it was too much. Is the pi 4 powerful enough?

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    Should be able to, try LibreELEC libreelec.tv – CoderMike Oct 25 at 10:05
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    Try it, you won't break anything. – Dougie Oct 25 at 10:15
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    Depends on what player you use. omxplayer is capable of playing 1080p with no significant CPU usage. But RPi 4 is not supported yet. – kwasmich Oct 25 at 10:36
  • @Dougie, I can't try it if I do not have it yet ;) others thanks – Dr_Bunsen Nov 1 at 11:40

Of course Pi4 can play a bluRip file. But you have to notice 2 things: 1. Do not keep open other processes while playing videos 2. Use a good HDMI cable and a good power source

  • You mean play it fine, or play it like it does on pi 3? – Dr_Bunsen Nov 1 at 11:41
  • I tried some videos on pi4. AVI formatted files doesn't work very well. But MKV format is ffine. MP4 too – Sohan Arafat Nov 1 at 13:05
  • Those are blu ray rips? I have a pi2 and a pi3 as media centre, and both do not like blu rays, the rest of the files are not a problem. – Dr_Bunsen Nov 5 at 15:37

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