My RPi 4 consumes about 0.5A after executing sudo halt, while according to this post it should draw at least an order of magnitude less (0.069A). The green LED blinks several times then goes off, but the device seems to stay powered indefinitely. Notably, the 3.3V pins on the GPIO remain powered, and the LED on the network interface keeps blinking.

This happens of a vanilla Raspbian Buster image with all upgrades installed. The RPi is powered via the USB-C connector. Additionally, it's connected to Ethernet, there's an HDMI screen attached to it, as well as a wireless USB keyboard / mouse. Disconnecting those cables doesn't change the power consumption significantly.

The only hardware modification present on the board is a reset button connected to GLOBAL_EN signal and ground on the J2. Essentially, when the button is not pressed, the board connectivity is not modified in any way. When the GLOBAL_EN signal is grounded, the current drops to 0.15A.


The Pi4 SHOULD enter a low power state on Halt, but this prevents the power up by pulling pin 5 low.

There is a patch to make it operate the same as earlier models which continue to use power when shutdown. If using this the RUN pin should be used to restart.

The original Buster image works, apparently the Foundation changed later images.

My Pi4 (early 2GB model) running Raspbian Raspberry Pi reference 2019-06-20 vcgencmd bootloader_config shows:-


I haven't measured current but on poweroff the 3.3V power is off.

  • Thanks for your answer, I missed it somehow. I will try to update the bootloader config. Especially POWER_OFF_ON_HALT sounds promising. – Dmitry Grigoryev Nov 8 '19 at 14:56

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