I am new user of raspberry pi. I have two buttons, and some code to run, yet the led will not react to the buttons. It's probably a easy fix, but keep in mind, I am new to robotic and have only started programming 2 years ago, so I might need some dumbed down responses. Any help is appreciated.My wiring.(I know it sucks.) enter image description here

enter image description here If you cannot see the gpio pins here is a text version. The commas are where the cords connect. ..,.......,......... next row of gpio .,,.................

  • Does the following light the LED? sudo pigpiod then pigs w 25 1 – joan Oct 28 '19 at 22:14
  • 3
    @robotechnology, couple things ... 1 when you post a code listing, do not post a picture of text, post the text itself ... that way your code can be copied and tested ... use the {} button to format the code so that it is readable in the web browser ....... 2 you can delete your own comments so that your post is not cluttered ......... 3 use this to refer to pins pinout.xyz – jsotola Oct 29 '19 at 2:05
  • So the LED is wired correctly. Now check the buttons by pigs r 2 r 3 to read buttons 2 and 3. Try with and without the buttons pressed. Do they change? At a guess I'd say one or both sticks at 1. – joan Oct 29 '19 at 8:30
  • GPIO 2 and 3 both happen to have external pulls to 3V3 fitted. That means they will always read high unless the other end of the switch is connected to ground (0V). – joan Oct 29 '19 at 22:41
  • @joan Can you clarify? Can you use the wring picture thing and tell me what to do and what I did wrong? I Don't understand the terms you are using. Sorry. – Robotechnology Oct 31 '19 at 0:49

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