i got involved in a small hobbyist project in which a small ball has to be detected through a small gap. Accordingly there are only a view "lines" of a picture usable to find the vector "through" the ball.

After a view calculations the minimum horizontal resolution is about 1920 pixels at a frame-rate of 70+FPS. Every of the installed cameras will be set up with an individual pi.

So far so good. I am pretty inexperienced when it comes to cameras and i have these two resulting questions i could not find a solution for:

  1. Is it possible to take only line wise shots with the CSI-2 protocol and to raise the frame-rate accordingly? -> if this is possible i could use the basic Rpi V2 camera.
  2. When this is not possible...do you know a manufacturer for affordable line scan cameras that will match my requirements?

If you have another idea feel free to brainstorm. Thank yo very much.

  • I can't see that the Pi is relevant to this question. The CSI-2 protocol is surely published. Asking for camera suggestions will be off topic.
    – joan
    Oct 29, 2019 at 15:59
  • Welcome to Raspberry Pi :-) Note that we are not a discussion style forum and open ended invitations to brainstorm are not appropriate to the format. Please take the short Tour and visit the Help Center to get an idea how things work here.
    – Ingo
    Oct 29, 2019 at 16:34


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