The title says it all. I want a simple way to preferably automatically upload files from my pi to a google drive or something similar


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You could solve this in multiple ways, the first one to pop up in my head is to use a GDrive terminal client like https://github.com/nurdtechie98/drive-cli (Python) or https://github.com/odeke-em/drive (Go).

You could set up a folder and use a cronjob to call the push method for example.

To set this up using the Python client you need to:

  • Login using the client
  • Create a directory in Google Drive
  • Run drive clone <GOOGLE_DRIVE_ID>
  • Create a cronjob running something like cd /path/to/drive/folder && drive push

This way you can push files every hour, minute, or second.


I use rclone to make incremental backups of my Pi to Google Drive every 10 hours.

You can install it with sudo apt install rclone, but I prefer to get the latest version, so I install the ARM 32 .deb from the rclone downloads page.

After that run rclone config in a terminal. You can see how to setup Google Drive here.

After that you can copy stuff to Google Drive using rclone using a command like this:

rclone copy /home/pi/testfile.bin "Google Drive:folder1/folder2/testfile.bin"

See more on the copy command here.

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