I recently learned about the raspi-config noint parameter from here. This is perfect for my needs but now I need to figure out which parameters to send.

I'm trying to change two things: the resolution and the keyboard layout. Where can I learn what parameters I need to type in?


AFAIK this is not documented.

cat /usr/bin/raspi-config | grep  "do_"

will show the possible functions.

  • Thank you. That allowed me to find do_resolution and do_configure_keyboard, but how do I find out what value I need to provide? Maybe I could change it to what I want using the interactive way and then finding out what that value is? – GFL Nov 6 '19 at 4:12
  • 1
    @GFL read the section in /usr/bin/raspi-config - there are >2000 lines of code, but last time I looked the functions were reasonably clear. Never done this, because I don't actually see the point - I just configure an image once. – Milliways Nov 6 '19 at 4:33

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