I'm trying to connect to this LCD ( sry 4 japanese page:( use translate plz ) This monitor driver is ST7789, 7pins.[GND VCC SCL SDA RES DC BLK] And now I'm connecting to pi like this https://i.sstatic.net/Bgd2U.jpg

I'm using Python_ST7789 library. The installation was success and The example program is running correctlly, but display is blank. is my wiring incorrect ? is this display garbage?

PS: Sry for my Stup1d English help me plz.

(1) Pimonori 1.3" IPS SPI 240x240 pixel Colour LCD Breakout - £15

pimoroni lcd

ST7789 Python Libraries For Rpi

(1) solinnovay/Python_ST7789 (AdaFruit GPIO, PIL/Pillow, 2018sep)

(2) pimoroni/st7789-python (Pimoroni, RPI.GPIO, spidev, 2019sep)

ST7789 LDC Wiring Diagram


ST7789 LCD 7/12 pin Description for troubleshooting

pin descriptions

ST7789 7 pin and 12 pin Layout

TaoBao ST7789 1.3" TFT IPS LCD Module - ¥18

7/12pin layout

ST7789 LCD Wiring For Second Screen Using SPI Chip Select CS1

How to connect ST7789 LCD to SPI Bus 1 as 2nd screen?

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I've same display. I've changed in clock_EN.py:

# Raspberry Pi pin configuration:
RST = 27
DC  = 25
LED = 24


# Raspberry Pi pin configuration:
RST = 25
DC  = 24
LED = 27

... and now it works

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