I have strange issue with OMV installed in my raspberry Pi 3B+. I have setup a static IP through Network->Interfaces page and it works fine. Problem starts if I reboot my Fiber Optic DBC Router, it then gives a different IP eg to my Raspberry Pi. But once I reboot my Pi it gets the static IP back. If this happens I am unable to access my Pi if I am outside and my router reboots after a Power Cut. is there any other solution where I can give a static IP to my Raspberry Pi. When I try to do it through dhcpcd it does not exist in Openmediavault.

  • There is a builtin tab for network interfaces in omv and you can give a static ip through web itself without any command lines. Dhcpcd does not exist in omv. – Amit Ray Nov 10 '19 at 9:54

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