I have been trying to install slackware arm (slackware arm current 4.19.81-7+) on my Raspberry pi 3. After i have installed it successfully (following this guide), i was unable to login due to the password being incorrect.

To my knowledge the default username is root and the default password is password, but i have also tried passwd, root, and nothing as a password, but none of them were correct, and i can't login. There were also no errors during boot.

I don't know were to begin looking, or what to do to solve this problem. can i get some help ? if my information were lacking just tell me and i will try to provide more info, thanks !

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I haven't used slackware on Raspberry Pi so far but there is a generic way to reset the password as long as you have physical access to your device. You have to modify the files /etc/password and /etc/shadow. How to do it you can look at Raspian gui unable to log in.


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