I am using Adafruit I2S MEMS Microphone in raspberry pi 3 running raspbian buster. I installed it successfully following adafruit guide. It is working well for recording using arecord.

My .asoundrc ::

cat ~/.asoundrc

pcm.dmic_hw {
    type hw
    card sndrpisimplecar
    channels 2
    format S32_LE

pcm.dmic_sv {
    type softvol
    slave.pcm dmic_hw
    control {
        name "Boost Capture Volume"
        card sndrpisimplecar
    min_dB -3.0
    max_dB 30.0

Under source settings in google duo web : enter image description here

I have tried all the four mic sources but none of them seems to work. After connecting the call, I get silence on the other side. I think microphone is not being detected by google duo. How can I make it work ?


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