I bought Raspberry PI 4B few days ago.

I downloaded Raspbian buster lite and placed it on an SD-card, placed ssh with no extension so that I can access it thorugh ssh. I put the prepared sdcard into the raspberry pi, connected to the power, and connected my PC with it via ethernet cable.

I can see raspberry ethernet diodes blinking so I think everything's ok but scanning with Advanced IP Scanner and nmap doesn't show raspberry. How can I connect to raspberry and what could cause this problem, how can I solve it?

  • What subnet do you scan? What exactly is the command do you use with nmap?
    – Ingo
    Nov 21, 2019 at 12:06
  • connected my PC with it via ethernet cable - is either side running DHCP "server"? Nov 22, 2019 at 11:25

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The solution is much simpler than finding the IP address.

Raspian supports mDNS and that will make the process to find your Raspberry Pi easy as...

Use raspberrypi.local instead of the IP address!

and if you change the "hostname" on your Raspberry Pi the mDNS address will be yourhostname.local

And for the rest I agree with @Milliways answer.


Navigate to the root drive on the SD card and open /etc/dhcpcd.conf with a text editor. Enter the network settings as shown in the examples there. Save the file and boot up the pie. Also dont Forget to set a static IP on you PC.


Your question is too vague, but from the description it is unlikely to have an IP Address, although it may have a Link-local address. What you can do with this is limited, and depends on the connected computer.

NOTE the Pi is designed to connect to a router - make life easier for yourself by doing so.

If you want to connect directly you need to setup the Pi with a terminal and keyboard.
See the following How to set up networking/WiFi
How to set up Static IP Address

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