Brand new raspberry pi 4, brand new SD card.

I downloaded and transferred Noobs onto the SD card, booted it, set up Raspbian with no issues, but then it told me to reboot to apply changes.

Since that, it won't boot. I have no HDMI output, the green LED is not blinking and my keyboard and mouse (both backlit) display varying levels of intensity.

I would normally format the SD card but my main machine (Linux mint 19) sees the SD card as 3 separate disks (root, boot, SETTINGS)

I do have another available SD card but would prefer to use this same one - otherwise this hobby is getting a bit expensive.

Edit: I have looked at raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=58151 but as my power supply is official and brand new, and everything is plugged in correctly. I also uncommented the line in the confid.txt file to force the HDMI to safe mode.


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You want to use Raspbian, not NOOBS. As you see NOOBS is very error prone so most of us use the Raspbian image direct. You can get it from Raspbian Download. Please don't follow the link for NOOBS given on that side. Instead use the other given link installation guide.

Don't worry about the shown partitions from the SD Card (I suppose you mean that) that you named "3 separate disks in my file manager" in a comment. Just flash the image as described. It will automatically reformat the SD Card. But have attention to select the SD Card and not any drive from your computer!

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