I am building a college project where I am making a Visual Generator for live gigs. I want to incorporate a Raspberry Pi into my project but I am not sure if it is possible!

The plan is to run my processing sketches from the raspberry PI which currently take in MIDI and sound using rwMIDI and MINIM processing libraries from Ableton live 10 and output them to a projector / External monitor. I understand I won't be able to run Ableton on a PI but is there any way of connecting my PI to Ableton so it can communicate with my processing sketches?



  • Using: MacBook pro, Ableton Live 10, Processing 3, Raspberry Pi 4
  • For a proprietary piece of software the only folks who can answer are the publishers. ableton.com/en/help – Dougie Dec 2 '19 at 13:45

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