When running vcgencmd measure_volts on older RPi's, a normal reading is 1.2v

However, on my new RPi 4, the voltage reading is: 0.8648v

Does this indicate a power issue, or is this normal, and the RPi 4 operates on a lower core voltage than earlier versions?

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RPi 4 core voltage scales dynamically with frequency in a range of 0.8V to 1.4V (going above 1.25V requires setting over_voltage in config.txt, and going above 1.35V voids your warranty). For an idle CPU, a value around 0.85V is pretty normal.


It is NOT a "voltage reading" (because the Pi has no analog capability) this is reporting the voltage configured. The Pi like most modern CPU adjusts voltage/clock to optimise performance.

Don't worry about it - unless you are designing computers this is of no consequence.


yes the difference is power requirements. You may be using the old power supply for the new RPi 4 The old req.'d 2.5A supply & the new req's 3.0A (min.) to run properly! I hope this answers your question all the best,
Pat. Please check RPi 4 spec. for conformation details.

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