I plan to make this x5-x6 RPI 3 A+ cluster but I am no sure what USB Charger to use. I would really prefer something with 5-6 ports. I know the spec for output are 5V/2.5A and I plan to use it in combination of an USB device that uses 5V/0.5A so that would be x5.

I get that I would need something like 15 A (3 A per port) with 75 W in total. All that said, I am not sure if the PIs really use 2.5 A because I would be just use them as proxies(in my opinion that wouldn't load it up excessively).

As for micro USB cables I thought about Volutz Equilibrium(19 AWG Power). On the last note I know it wont be cheap but I would really like to know what are your opinions about this.

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    "I am no sure what USB Charger to use" -> Don't use a USB charger: raspberrypi.stackexchange.com/a/106117/5538 Unless of course in a month you want to be yet another person asking why a brand new 5A USB C etc. charger still triggers low voltage warnings even when powering a single Pi. Or you could get lucky. Or you could do the smart thing and use an actual power supply.
    – goldilocks
    Commented Dec 13, 2019 at 16:14

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If you are okay with soldering a micro-PSU would be a good option. Probably more efficient than a few wall adapters.


Your system need a lot of ampere to function. The USB charger your are searching for may not be found.Instaed you can fetch a SMPS . A good quality SMPS has the abilty to release a lot of power. Mine is 15A 5V. You can find it in near PC store.

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