I am trying to plan what I need to drive a 12V addressable LED strip with the Raspberry Pi (4, likely, or zero, but I want Ethernet connectivity).

I am not sure I understand the WS2815 datasheet (PDF) as I am not knowledgeable in electronics.
Pages 2 and 4 seems to say that VDD needs to be 12V.
Page 3 seems to imply that VDD is about 5V.

If my power supply is exactly 12V and Page 2 is the VDD I must have, the logic control voltages need to be below/above the 3.6V - 8.4V range.

And the current draw on the data channel is maximum 1 micro amp (page 3).

Data transfer time is approximately 1 microsecond per bit, so if I need a transistor or a MOSFET to drive the digital channel, I need it to be able to switch faster than 1MHz (possibly 10MHz).

Q1/ Is my interpretation correct (12V logic, 10MHz switching capability necessary)?

If so, Q2/ what can I use to drive the logic? Can I use a ready made circuit with a single channel? Which/where?

I have found this 8-channel 5V to 24V 10MHz converter and this other 8-channel 5V to 24V 10MHz converter, but I have not been able to find a (single channel, or any number of channels) 3.3V to 12V 10MHz converter.


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VCC is 5V VDD is 12V you need both. the logic is referenced to VCC, so driving this will be similar to driving a WS2812 strip.

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