My Raspberry Pi turns on, it shows the Rainbow Screen, then freezes. I have not installed Raspbian; I downloaded NOOBS and put it on my micro SDHC card. I put the micro SDHC card into the slot and turn on power. It then turns on and shows the Rainbow Screen and freezes. I do not see any text nor Raspberries.


Raspberry Pi 4 Has official Raspberry Pi keyboard hub plugged in
Also has official Raspberry Pi mouse plugged into the keyboard/hub
Uses official Raspberry Pi power supply micro SDHC card is a 32GB card from Micro Center
I also used a micro SD adapter also from Micro Center
I downloaded the newest NOOBS at time of post: Version 3.2.1 Released 2019-09-20
I used the official SD card formatter (I used the link in the Setting Up Your Raspberry Pi tutorial)
I tried using both Quick format and Full Overwrite on the card

I did use a 8GB card and it worked on my Pi, but I had to use a SD card with a bigger capacity.

I am a beginner at Raspberry Pi.



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