I am about to get a Raspberry Pi Model 4B. I heard you can get games like Minecraft, as it is in the Pi. What about games like Roblox and Fortnite? Can you get it? Please tell me.

Thank You!

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    why don't you do some research and come back if you have some questions – jsotola Dec 31 '19 at 1:07
  • Since raspberry Pi runs on a modified version of linux, you could research how to install Roblox, Fortnite, etc on a linux operating system – Aubrey Champagne Dec 31 '19 at 3:26

As you're probably aware, having read the published documentation, and the information on the apt package manager in particular, there are numerous software packages available for easy installation on the Raspberry Pi.

The 'Advanced Package Tool' (apt) is your key to using this repository of software. With respect to your question regarding availability of a particular package, the apt-cache command will tell you if a software package is available in the repository. apt-cache is run from the command line (a terminal window), and is easy to use. Using your question as an example, here's how you would learn if the apps you're interested in are available under apt:

pi@raspberrypi4b:~ $ apt-cache --names-only search fortnite
pi@raspberrypi4b:~ $ apt-cache --names-only search roblox
pi@raspberrypi4b:~ $

Since you know the names of the software packages I used the --names-only option in the apt-cache command. However, there are other ways to search if you don't know the name. You can learn the details by reading the manual for apt-cache; again, from the command line:

pi@raspberrypi4b:~ $ man apt-cache

Once you've finished reading, simply type the single letter Q, and you'll be returned to the command prompt.

But back to your question: As the results of the apt-cache search yielded no "hits", it seems likely that neither fortnite, nor roblox are available in the repository. You should NOT take this to mean that the packages cannot be installed and run on Raspberry Pi; there are many sources of software outside the apt repository. However, if you're just getting started, you may not want to "stray from the path" too far. Installing software from outside the repository is certainly possible, but there is some risk that you could "break" your system. Nothing at all wrong with breaking your system; just know that if you do, you may have to re-flash your SD card & start over.

If you've decided to proceed with installation of this software, start with a search term like "fortnite raspberry pi" in your favorite search engine, and see what turns up. Go from there... if you have a specific question at that point, you can ask for help here.

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Im new to the Pi lifestyle but my kid plays roblox using some sort of Android emulation package to play it on her RPI4. AJ

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