Happy new year. I am working on a personal project which involves a distance sensor and a LCD display. The distance sensor's data should ideally be displayed on the 16x2 LCD display. The codes for the sensor works. However, when I tried to import "lcddriver"(which contains codes for the LCD display) , it shows:

"ImportError: cannot import name lcddriver"

I cloned please click on me to see the codes that I used... this into my raspberry pi terminal and "lcddriver" is in my file. file page The first line in "nano-distance.py": import lcddriver It did not work out and showed me the error

this is how my code looks in "distance.py": https://github.com/jumejume1/pi-LCD-Ultrasonic/blob/master/distance-lcd.py

Why is there an import error?

Thank you very much in advance.


I expect the error is given because there is no module named lcddriver.py which is what import lcddriver will be looking for.

Rename lcddriver to lcddriver.py.


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