I m trying to make kinda type of assistant out of my raspberry pi 3 b+ model and so bought this Speaker . So that I can use it to give audio input as well as get the output at the same time . But I'm totally confused how to connect it !! Even I'm not sure whether I have bought the right speakers or not ? Basically I saw it supports call answering that's why I bought it.

So please guys instruct me how to do it or anyone suggest me the right speaker (if that is not worth suitable) . I'm a beginner , any help is highly regarded !


this might be what your looking for https://scribles.net/enabling-hands-free-profile-on-raspberry-pi-raspbian-stretch-by-using-pulseaudio/ it takes you through connecting with HFP using Pulseaudio. Should work for your speaker! id post this as a comment as its not really a full answer but do not have enough rep :( Hope this helps

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