Today I upgraded the Raspbian os from version Stretch to Buster with

  sudo apt-get dist-upgrade 

Now I can't boot Raspbian. Only a black screen appears. When I try to load the different os, like LibreELEC or Windows IoT, it starts properly.

Can somebody help me with how to slow this problem?

  • Are you sure it doesn't root? || Put an rj45 cable to the LAN port, is it start the lighting? Maybe it just can load data to screen/HDMI. – M. Rostami Jan 3 '20 at 16:11
  • It start lighting, but nothing happens. It was working fine before the upgrade. I tryed 2 different screens, but still nothing... – Bálint Cséfalvay Jan 3 '20 at 19:44
  • Try to connect to the RPi by SSH. Ping the IP from another host. What's the result? – M. Rostami Jan 3 '20 at 22:02
  • 1
    You appear to be using NOOBS If so, your options are limited, as NOOBS only option is to reinstall all OS. – Milliways Jan 3 '20 at 22:23
  • Do you upgrade from Raspbian Stretch to Raspbian Buster? – Ingo Jan 5 '20 at 13:08

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