I have Raspian Jessie full installed with NOOBS.

I have formatted a drive using GParted to use for a Plex Server.

When I open up GParted I see that I have an entry

/dev/sda (with single partition)
partition: /dev/sda1 
name: plexstorage 
file system: ext4 
label: media

But in the File Manager (and terminal) I see what looks like two mounted drives


Both contains part of data that I downloaded one day.

When I type umount /dev/sda1 /media/pi/media1 disappears and only /media/pi/media remains.

What is going on here?


I see what looks like two mounted drives

Actually what you see are two directories -- that may be used as mount points, but then, pretty much any directory can be used as a mount point. The ones in /media are conventionally used for fuse automounts (ie., those for non-privilleged users).

Try mount | grep pi/media and see how many lines of output there are. If there are none, or only one, the data in the other (or both) directory/ies is just plain data that's in a directory; likely it ended up there by mistake when there was nothing mounted.

If this is a bit confusing:

  • A mount point is a normal directory.
  • That directory may contain data.
  • If you or the system mounts a storage device on a directory that contains data, that data becomes inaccessible while the mount is there. Nothing bad will happen to it, however.

So, if one day I assume /media/foo has a USB stick mounted on it, and I copy file.a, file.b, file.c there but there is no stick mounted there, this is not a problem. If later there is a stick mounted there with those files in it, these are separate copies from what was in the directory before anything was mounted on it. If later I look in that directory when I know the stick is not mounted, they will still be there, which is a clue that at some point (check the file modification time w/ stat) I copied files there by mistake.

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