Ido connect to the device from my raspberry pi and able to send commands. The power consumption of the SG is 2.5 W. That means that the current of usb port should be 2.5 / 5 = 500 mA.

>>> import usbtmc
>>> instr = usbtmc.Instrument(11120, 66)
>>> instr.ask("*IDN?")

then i send:

`>>> instr.write("FREQ 10 GHz")
>>> instr.write("POW 10")
>>> instr.write("OUTP 1")

unfortunately i get only 3 dBm output power. If i send the same commands from a PC i do receive 10 dBm as expected also if i send:

>>> instr.cfg

i connected the Signal generator through a USB hub with a power supply to avoid any power consumption issue but still have the same result. Your help is very appreciated . Thank you!

P.s. picture is added: enter image description here


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The issue was resolved by sending *RST command. It seems that the signal generator wakes up in some strange mode (BUG). *RST fix it.

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