The website raspberry pi images:

  1. ArmHF
  2. arm64

    • What is the difference between the two?
    • Are both 64 bit operating systems?

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Are both 64 bit operating systems?

No, arm64 is a 64bit architecture and on the other hand, armhf is a 32bit architecture.
However, you can install one of them and next, install Multiarch to feel free on it.

Multiarch lets you install library packages from multiple architectures on the same machine. This is useful in various ways, but the most common is installing both 64 and 32-bit software on the same machine and having dependencies correctly resolved automatically. In general, you can have libraries of more than one architecture installed together and applications from one architecture or another installed as alternatives. Note that it does not enable multiple architecture versions of applications to be installed simultaneously.


Check this link out to get more details.
Read the story here. It would be helpful for your first question.

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