Currently I am working on a dual axis sun calibration device. Everything was going well so far but I made a huge mistake.

Here is what I made so far.

I wrote my code in Python 3.8. Libraries I used:

  • Astropy (sun position calculation)
  • RPi.GPIO (GPIO control to control stepper motor drivers) There are two classes. The following is a short description of them.
  • Numpy (store and save sun position arrays)
  • Matplotlib (drawing and saving graphs with time and sun position as data)

First class is responsible for:

  • stepper motor movement
  • stepper motor movement calculations (how many steps to move by X degrees)
  • auto-home on both axes (set position to absolute zero)
  • keeping track of current position of both axes
  • calibrate both axes accordingly to calculated sun position array
  • calibrate automaticly every X minutes (where X is the frequency that can be changed)

Second class:

  • calculates sun position (altitude-azimuth) for entire day and saves data in numpy array
  • drawing and saving graphs using date and sun position as data
  • calculates sun position current time for instantaneous calibration
  • find sunrise, culumination and sunset

Here you can see how the device works so far. It's a timelapse mode to show how both axes move: Dual axis sun calibration device. Time-lapse mode

The mistake I made is that I didn't write my code with networking in mind. What I want to do is a webpage to remote control the device.

Webpage should do the following:

  • display current axes positon (both altitude and azimuth)
  • display current calibration frequency
  • display sun position graph (graph is stored on RPi memory)
  • move both axes to absolute zero
  • change calibration frequency

Now I am stuck. Could you point me in the right direction what should I do next? What libraries or frameworks would you reccomend for such task?

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Maybe you could use a framework like Flask. With that you can create a webserver with only a few lines of code. And because it is written in python, you can use the classes you created already :)

  • I'm checking it out right now. Seems like a good place to start. Thank you! Jan 13, 2020 at 17:21

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