I am using picamera library in python to capture a sequence of pictures. The picamera is connected to a microscope and the microscope moves to different vertical positions and picamera capture images at different positions.
There are multiple ways to do so. The first way is to use picamera.capture at different positions. The second approach is to use picamera.capture_sequence. I prefer the second approach since it is much faster than the first one.
However there is one caveat to that, recently I started to use a microscope under dark field and bright field. Since the exposure changes dramatically under dark field and bright, the camera is giving me very bad and inconsistent images.

I appreciate any comments on how to lock the exposure time in capture_sequence function in picamera so that I can take consistent images under dark field and bright field mode.
Here are some of the things that I've tried.

  • I tried to lock the exposure but it was no help. camera.exposure_mode = 'off'
  • I tried to lock the camera gain but the gain was changing even though I fixed it.


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