I set up Raspberry Pi 4 workstations with Raspbian Buster for a school library and want to use a different keyboard setting for the root account.

Now it seems to me that I can only change the settings for the whole system and non-root accounts cannot change the settings at all.

As it runs LightDM, I guess I could run a script that changes the keyboard settings but IMHO there has to be a way for non-roots to change the settings for their accounts.


  • You should ask this question on another SE site. I suggest superuser.com. – M. Rostami Jan 14 at 9:15
  • Raspbian doesn't have a root account! The pi user has sudo privileges and other users have whatever privileges they are granted on creation. – Milliways Jan 14 at 11:08
  • 1
    Raspbian has a root account. Whether you want to use it directly or pi sudo is up to you, the risks are essentially the same. In fact, the pi user having such powers is an attack vector, ie., de-fanging the pi user and using the root account directly would be better security wise. The default setup is intended to make life easier for new users, not protect anyone from anything. In a school I would presume a regular user is does not have all superpowers, and pi is either de-fanged or superfluous. – goldilocks Jan 14 at 14:04
  • WRT to the actual question, here's one option/clue: unix.stackexchange.com/questions/258874/… More: askubuntu.com/questions/155861/… I suspect you are using "raspberry pi" in your search terms rather than "linux", which is more useful. – goldilocks Jan 14 at 14:08

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