There are now multiple PoE HATs available:

I need to choose which one to use for my project.

I already know from reading the product pages in detail that:

  • The Official HAT does not allow to connect other HATS without soldering because it does not pass through the pin header. The fan is said to be quite noisy.
  • The PiSupply HAT cannot do Gigabit Ethernet. (No idea if the other ones can.)
  • Using external PoE splitters (like this one) often produces the same Gigabit Ethernet problem.
  • The LoveRPi HAT is not isolated, and connecting the Pi to another grounded device like a monitor over HDMI will kill the Pi (see product description and Amazon comments).
  • Some other

Beyond this, can anybody provide or link to a proper, full comparison with pros and cons of the options new available for PoE HATs, or at least of the general approaches on which the different devices are based?


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Use the official one. While soldering may be a pain, it is possible. You can also replace the fan with another one.

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