My Raspberry Pi 3 model B recently stopped working and I am planning on getting a Raspberry Pi 4. I was wondering if I could use the sd card with Kali Linux from the Raspberry Pi 3 in my Raspberry Pi 4.

  • It depends on the Kali version. Might be done, check this link out.
    – M. Rostami
    Jan 18, 2020 at 15:06

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You can't. The RPi4B needs the latest bootcode, kernel and firmware (built after June 2019) or it won't boot.

You'll need https://cdimage.kali.org/kali-2019.4/kali-linux-2019.4-light-armhf.img.xz (and will probably need to check with the Kali developers to confirm that works on a RPi4B).

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