I'm putzing with RPi-4 with (I guess) stretch and initially both the NTP= and Fallbackntp= lines of timesyncd.conf are hashed out. Yet service ntp status shows it soliciting 10 pool servers. When I set my local lan router on the NTP= line and restart ntp service, nothing changes. How do I get the Pi4 to use MY NTP server setting and NOTHING ELSE?


NTP servers from timesyncd.conf are preceded by ones given by DHCP. Try disabling those using


in /etc/systemd/networkd.conf. Alternatively, try


in timesyncd.conf.

To verify the configuration that is currently in use, you can run

timedatectl show-timesync --all
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    I will look into the DHCP thing, but I have the Pi set to a static IP - don't know if that alone changes things with regard to NTP. I didn't know that DHCP can also set/provide NTP server information. In my case, my ER3-lite router is the lan's dhcp and NTP server, so it seems the pi should be using it as I want it to. – Peggy Schafer Jan 27 '20 at 13:34
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    What command line can I use to get the NTP server or server list that the Pi is currently configured to use? – Peggy Schafer Jan 27 '20 at 13:43
  • @PeggySchafer timedatectl show-timesync --all – Dmitry Grigoryev Jan 28 '20 at 9:21

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