I have a Bill note acceptor and a Coin acceptor, and I have wrote a program in C# to communicate with these two machines, and it worked perfectly on windows, after that I migrated this application to raspbian using mono. the Bill acceptor still works perfectly, but I'm having very weird misbehavior from the coin acceptor summarized by the following:

-when using the coin acceptor alone on the pi, it works sometimes, but with a high rejection rate (which means that the coin acceptor is not recognizing the coins inserted).

-when connecting anything else to the pi's USB ports the coin acceptor stop accepting any coins.

-even though the coin acceptor is rejecting the coins, I don't think there a serial communication problem with the pi, because I'm able to send commands and receive replies.

I'm still new to working with raspberry pi and linux in general, so I hope that someone might have any idea of what might be causing the problem

Note: I'm using the G-13 coin validator from crane payment innovations, and both devices are connect via USB to the Pi for data transfer only (both have there own power adapter).



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