I am running OSMC (November 2019 release) on a Pi 3. The Pi is connected to a TV via HDMI, but I would also like to be able to listen to music over my stereo without turning on the TV. Therefore I have hooked up the Pi to the Aux input of my stereo. As my stereo has only one input, I added a passive switch: one input is connected to the Pi, the other is connected to the audio output of the TV.

Now I notice that the volume on the analog output of the Pi is much lower than on the audio output of the TV (or other sudio sources for that matter).

Audio output on Kodi is configured to use Pi: Analog and HDMI. As some of the other output options mention Alsa, I suspect this option bypasses Alsa, so Alsa settings will not work and I probably need to adjust the volume at a lower level.

In Kodi itself, the master volume (adjusted by pressing + or - on a keyboard) is at the maximum level. (Also, this would probably influence both outputs—analog and HDMI, and I only need to tweak the analog level.)

Where can I adjust the analog volume?

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