I have googled a lot but didn't find anything useful. Can I use any power adapter other than the official Raspberry Pi supply?

Moreover, I have an Argon One Case and many people have recommended having a bit more watt power supplies, i.e 18 W. Due to lack of delivery to my country, I couldn't buy the official Argon One power supply, but I want to ask that can I buy any other 18W charger adapter to be used with Raspberry Pi 4, Baseus one, for example. If yes, do they need to be 3A/6V or 5V/2.5A or what? Really need help regarding my Raspberry Pi.

I also have quite large number of hats to attach.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

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The best option is a good quality power supply, as cheap brands may say they are rated at 2.4 amps when they don't actually supply that much. Based on the numerous bad experiences I've had with 3rd party chargers, I'd highly recommend buying the official one from the foundation! Source

Short answer: Looking for a 5V / 3Amps power supply, not the cheapest one. Also, the official Raspberry Pi 4 power supply has a 5.1V / 3.0A DC output


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