I have a few basic devices that utilize a mini USB port. Rather than plugging them into a USB hub, is it possible to connect them and have them recognized by a Raspberry Pi through the four GND, VCC, RX, and TX wires?
I've enabled UART successfully and tried plugged in Red => 3.3v, Black => GND, Green => RX, White => TX, but I cannot get my device to show up on the Pi (I've also tried switching the White and Green wires just in case I got them mixed up).

The program I'd like to utilize the devices with does search for a /dev/ttyS* device and the UART is at /dev/ttyAMA0, so I tried linking /dev/ttyAMA0 to /dev/ttyS1 in hopes that the program will pick the device up, but it doesn't work. Is there is a way to get something like this working?



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The USB protocol is different to the simple serial protocol used by a UART.

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