I am trying to configure a Raspberry pi 3 with retropie. The base config is ok, and the emulators are working fine with USB controller (Dualshock 4).

Now I want to connect a Bluetooth Joypad made for android, the Ípega PG-9025.

On the emulastation configs, the system could find the device with the right name, but when paired, and connected, the controller keep blinking, indicating that no connection was made.

Going deeper. In the command line on the bluetootctl. Again, the device was find, paired and connected, but 2 seconds latter, there is a fail message and a blinking light on the controller.

With this main functions to manage Bluetooth there were no sucesses.

Going even deeper. My tryies with rfcomm were better. While the controller is on pair mode, and exec the command

rfcomm bind /dev/rfcomm0 <DEVICE_MAC> 1

The OS provided a device for communication. The light on the controller still blinks at this point, but when I cat the device file it stop blinking, signaling a steady connection. Pushing buttons also create artifacts on the cat output signaling success transmission.

In the moment the OS simply identify this device as general, but I need it to be interpreted and accessed by emulastation as a Joypad.

Possible solutions

  1. Software with a device as input and create a virtual Joypad visible to retropie as output
  2. Specify the type of the device making it visible to retropie
  3. Same as 1, but write it with C from scratch.
  4. Other. Probably the right one.

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