i need to rotate the display on a rpi4 using ubuntu 19.10. I tried by adding some stuff in usercfg.txt, which seems to be the new config file on this version but i don't manage to make this work.

Here is what i put in usercfg :




With this configuration, the screen is rotated for the boot screen, but when it's done, the desktop appear in the background and the boot code stay in front of everything in a weird way.

I also tried xrandr but it split the screen in two part like this : https://zupimages.net/viewer.php?id=20/07/uvvq.jpg

How can i achieve to rotate the display and put in portrait mode ?


  • Have you tried asking at Ubuntu's site? – joan Feb 14 at 9:24
  • yes, but it's kind of urgent so i ask on several other forums – ElConcombritos Feb 14 at 10:47
  • "I also tried xrandr" - syntax please. And doesn't Ubuntu have a user-friendly display configuration tool like Raspbian? Like, is there something in "System Settings -> Displays"? – Dmitry Grigoryev Feb 14 at 12:23
  • English isn't my native langage, sorry if i'm making mistakes. I use openbox and the button for display settings don't open anything – ElConcombritos Feb 14 at 13:15

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