I managed to get the board booting from sd-card, but I noticed when I use the regular pi 3+ my boot times are much faster, in fact 1,5 times faster. I have tinkered with the config.txt file, trying to increase the SD-Card speed of the cm3+ lite, my usual settings for pi3 are


and I tried those settings on my cm3+ lite, but without results.I tryed


that should actually work for the cm io board, but also without results.

Does anyone have an idea, how to increase the sd-card speed on cm3+, I have tryed multiple settings on dtoverlay=sdio, but none of them seemed to yield any result.



works perfectly with my indastrialgrade sd-cards and we use them since 3 years in thousends of devices without any failure yet.

raspberry-pi iot raspbian sd-card


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