I have configured the RPi to read value from the DHT 22 sensor. I have used AdafruitDHT library but when I start AdafruitDHT.py script I got totally incorrect value e.g. "Temp=537.7* Humidity=1152.0%"

I have to say that I made a mistake in the first wiring (I connect the data pin to 3v3 Volt of the raspberry and power supply pin to GPIO of the raspberry).

Did I fried the sensor making incorrect wiring?



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If you get any readings at all it is probably wired properly.

I suggest you try my DHT Python script.

Leave the module with the name DHT.py and then issue the following commands in the same directory.

sudo pigpiod

python DHT.py x

Where x is the (Broadcom) number of the GPIO connected to the DHT22 data line.


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