How can we prioritize raspberry-pi3b+ model so that if my "code on python" is running then the raspberry-pi should not perform any other task in background. Since i have to calculate time taken by my code to complete operation, and each time i am runnning my python code on raspberry-pi, it is giving different time. So, i need to prioritize. My operating system on raspberry-pi is linux.


  • It is a little unclear what you are asking? are you saying that you want 100% of the CPU cores assigned to your python script? does your script support all the cores? are you running an X-server? which linux? Raspbian? please edit your question with more details. read How to Ask for more information – Jonas Stumph Stevnsvig Feb 26 at 8:56
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    Not Pi specific. – joan Feb 26 at 9:35
  • I'm not sure I understand your question, and I wonder if you are the same. But you might start by reading this article on scheduling. It might help you formulate a better question. – Seamus Feb 26 at 10:17

On Unix you can manage the priority of processes with the command nice:

rpi ~$ sudo nice -n -20 script.py

This will run your script with highest priority. The nice value range is -20 to +19 where -20 is highest, 0 default and +19 is lowest. For some more information look at man nice.

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