I would like to have the touchscreen and hdmi displays mirrored but I can't find any info or setting to mirror. Running Raspbian Buster and using an element 14 7" touchscreen.

Edit: I got mirroring to work using

xrandr --output HDMI-1 --same-as DIS-1

but the resolutions are still messed up. I would like fullscreen to work on both displays but when I go fullscreen it shows right on HDMI but the touchscreen just shows the top left corner of the video.

Edit 2: Forcing HDMI resolution to same as touch screen helps but now when I go fullscreen in VLC video only shows on HDMI

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xrandr --output DSI-1 --same-as --output HDMI-1 --scale-from 800x600

This properly mirrors my 800x600 touch screen through HDMI output to my vans entertainment center at an acceptable resolution for the kids to watch movies!! I can stream youtube videos or plex media full screen on both outputs. Now if I can just get VLC or something to play local video files properly on both screens.

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