A similar question has been asked before , but I'm unsure how to add a follow up question ....

Essentially, I want to connect one of these M5600 sensors to a RPI to use with a python script of pressure logging .

All attempts so far to connect to my linux (ubuntu) development machine have also failed - my TPLink UB400 BT4.0 dongle sees the device but refuses to connect. I managed to get it to connect to another ble device using gatttool , so I'm sure the dongle is working ok.

Any assistance would be welcome



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    Hello and welcome -- What's your objective of asking this question? Commented Mar 2, 2020 at 16:55
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    I'm hoping one of the previous posters (raspberrypi.stackexchange.com/questions/77578/…) might be able to point me at a way of connecting the RPI without recompiling the rpi kernel (way beyond my ability!) . One poster implied that a particular usb adapter could help.
    – Bill Todd
    Commented Mar 2, 2020 at 20:02
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    Ok. Good. Please add this comment as an UPDATE to the question. Maybe others could help you. Commented Mar 2, 2020 at 22:27

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Ok figured it out, so to answer my question for the benefit of others:

Using the specified Laird USB BT900-US adapter configured with correct firmware and loaded with the precompiled smartZ basic program. The sensor can then be accessed via the ttyUSBx serial port with a 'gatttool' like app that is running on the adapter.

1 send "smartZ" to start the USB app.

2 wait for "-------->" prompt to ensure app is running

3 send "hcitool lecc 01xxxxxxxxxxxx" {01= BT900 type : xx = MAC address of device}

4 wait for "Connection handle hhhhhh" {hh = con handle}

5 wait for "-------->-------->" prompt

6 send "gatttool –b 01xxxxxxxxxx --char-read --handle=0x00000020 {x = MAC : 0x00000020 is data handle}

7 wait for "ConHandle:hhhhhhh Characteristic value/descriptor: B30979730F00F088F0FF6C346900 (\B3\tys\0F\00\F0\88\F0\FFl4i\00) {hh = connection handle from above : hex value is temperature and pressure readings as defined at the end of the software manual }

The above is a minimal set up. Your program should scan for devices with "hcitool lescan", parse the returned data to determine the device type and MAC , use "gatttool -b 01xxxxxxxxxxx --primary" and gatttool -b 01xxxxxxxxxxx --characteristics" to determine handle numbers by comparing to UUIDs.

Basically lots of string parsing !

(WHY! don't designers of these things have a non-verbose response version to make the process easier and more reliable????)

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