I have a video in 1080x1920 resolution that I want to display vertically in my 1920x1080 monitor.

sudo omxplayer video1.mp4

Outputs the video in full screen normally (stretched but that was expected since the big difference in aspect ratio, thats a photo of it)

So, in order to rotate it and match its original aspect ratio with the monitor's, I used --orientation 90 and thus:

sudo omxplayer video1.mp4 --orientation 90

But when I run it this way the screen starts flickering badly with a green color (here's a photo of it)

Same result when instead of 90, the orientation is set to 270. Though, setting it to 180 doesn't seem to cause any flickering.

I am using a Raspberry pi 4, 4GB version.

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sudo rpi-update fixed the issue. There seemed to be a problem after VC version 8f792e011c8a0ea3c5d47e7cc10172cc10b93c09 that got fixed.

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