I have set my raspberry pi as a standalone network using this post. Now I want to get back to my previous normal network configuration so that I can connect to the available Wifi networks. How can I do so?

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    Just undo everything you did or restore from your backup – Milliways Mar 16 at 10:36
  • @Milliways Do I also have to change the routing and masquerade settings ? If yes then what changes do I have to make ? – Sagar Singh Bhandari Mar 16 at 12:28

Remove packages:

apt-get -y remove hostapd dnsmasq bridge-utils

Comment the line below from /etc/sysctl.conf:


Reset iptables:

iptables -F

Delete following lines from /etc/dhcpcd.conf:

interface wlan0
    static ip_address=
nohook wpa_supplicant

Restart the dhcpcd daemon:

sudo service dhcpcd restart

reboot the raspberry pi.

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